The Tyler Run for Autism


Mary Beth Walsh Abstract Often we who advocate for applied behavior analysis (ABA) for children with autism spectrum disorders, construct our arguments based on the scientific evidence supporting effective interventions. For people trained in science, this might prove a convincing edifice upon which to construct an argument. However, the audience


TLC is a treatment and learning center for children with autism.  Since 2014, Sam Brubaker has called TLC school. “He was speaking but not a lot.  He had a few words that he would say to us, and he had a lot of feeding issues…like he wouldn’t east certain things because


Tyler, Texas — A Behavioral Specialist at the Treatment and Learning Center (TLC) for Children with Autism, talks about one of her students—Luke a 2-year-old who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, she says, ” As soon as he sees something that kinda catches his eye, he just takes off for it